Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics ?

The statistical analysis of web pages is something quite important and regarding SEM (search engine marketing) it is something absolutely essential. Since Google offers a very useful set of tools for webmasters, there is absolutely no excuse for you not to profit from Google Analytics kit. All you need to do is create a Google account (free of charge), and get in touch with us in order to analyze your statistics, give you useful information concerning your site’s traffic and also explain to you in a simple manner your web page statistics.

How does it help my Website’s Optimisation ?

By analyzing your site’s statistics we can track all of a visitor’s “route” in your site, beginning from which word or phrase he typed in a search engine in order to reach your site, to which exact webpage the search engine brought him, where he went from there, how long he stayed in each page, if he completed a form and from which page he finally exited your site.

Using this system we can also “mark” specific pages as a “goal” you want users to reach. For example a page which can only be reached by somebody submitting an order, can be marked as a “goal”.

Other details that would surely interest you are the time visitors remain in your site in a specific page, if they are new or returning visitors, which geographic region they come from, what computer settings they use, for example their browser settings (which may allow you to stop supporting a specific resolution in your pages).

Finally, however you may see this, the fact is that you can have a specialised system of follow-up of your visitors that will be incorporated with your Google pay-per-click activities and will remain installed in your site free of charge. It is simply stupid not to do this and it will improve by far your business intelligence.

In WebOlution we have the appropriate know-how to analyze, observe and comprehend properly even the minimum traffic in your site so as to constructively gather all elements from Google Analytics and pass them on to you as simply as possible.