Event Edition

The upgraded CRM!

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Event Edition: the upgraded CRM!

WebOlution upgrades the Customer Relation Management (CRM) application through the specialized Event Edition application.

More specifically, within its cooperation with GTouch Catering, a leading company in the organization of high aesthetics events, WebOlution upgrades with an online solution, the way of creating, organizing and managing events (receptions, social events, corporate conferences etc).

As a result, all companies in the event organizing industry will now be able to offer their services, easily, thoroughly and qualitatively, with a double click on the application calendar!

At the same time, the information available to the user is really valuable!


  • Selection of a desired event (wedding, baptism, corporate event, etc.)
  • Set at least one run date
  • Customer Details on behalf of whom the event will take place
  • Partner details to which the planning and conduct of the event is “charged”
  • Event progress filter (status)
  • Number of guests expected
  • Venue of the event

Finally, this application also aims at the better internal organization of each company, so it gives the opportunity to map out the course of events, per charging partner.

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