E-shop connection to E-Commerce Loan

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E-shop connection to E-Commerce Loan

The WooCommerce E-loan plugin for WordPress constitutes a financing system for online purchases, through which the customer has the ability to make his purchases in installments, without the use of a credit card, by choosing the E-Commerce Loan financing program from Piraeus Bank as a payment method.

Specifically, in just a few minutes, the customer is able to organize his loan and adapt it to his needs by choosing the amount, duration and installments that suit him. Then, he attaches the necessary financial documents and registers the application through the Winbank service.

The evaluation is done immediately and the customer signs his contract online. Through all the process, he receives full information via sms on his mobile phone and via notifications in Winbank.

WebOlution aiming to improve your e-shop services and as a result the customer’s shopping experience, integrates this payment method in your e-shop through the WooCommerce E-loan WordPress plugin of Winbank.

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